If you plan to extend the horizon in your existing general lighting design beyond legacy solutions of switching power supply, our high voltage, low current, linear constant current driver ICs will provide you with cost-effective, compact and easy to use solutions. Based on our patented proprietary technologies, our products provide world-class performance in indoor general lighting, especially for those applications 30 Watts or below.

After its debut as an analog fabless semiconductor venture, MikPower Technologies has emerged as a vanguard of LED driver ICs with extended expertise in system design and applications. With a solid foundation in analog and SOC (System On Chip) design, MikPower Technologies develops its strength through a deep understanding in solid state lighting and a relentless pursuit of technology advancement in device physics, design trade-off, system integration and performance for high-end and competitive markets.

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Mikpower Technologies ships its 4-stage linear LED Driver MIK38xx series