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Product Description:

MIK362X is a high voltage constant current source designed for AC LED general lighting applications. Output current is fully regulated when Vin is between 7V to 200 V.

In a solid TO-252, TO-220 or TO-263 package, MIK3626/3628/3609/3610 delivers 60/80/90/100 mA respectively.

MIK3629 can operate in either a fixed mode or an adjustable mode. In the fixed mode, the driver delivers a manufactured constant current (up to 100 mA), while the current can also be programmed 60-80 mA in adjustable mode by using an external setting resistor.

The unique architecture of the device allows very simple application circuit to deliver stable output current across the operation temperature range from -40~125°C. The device can be used without electrolytic capacitors. It has built-in thermal regulation and LED open/short protection mechanisms..

• Operates within 7V to 200V
• Capable to sink or source 60/80/90/100 mA constant current (Fixed current version)
• User programmable between 60 ~ 80mA (Adjustable current version)
• +/- 5% current tolerance over the operating temperature range (Fixed current version)
• Built-in thermal shutdown and LED open/short protections
• Available in Green TO-252, TO-263 or TO-220 packages

• General LED lighting
• Decorative LED lighting
• Signage lighting
• Automotive signal, break, cluster display, instrument, interior lightings