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MikPower Technologies' core competency lies in developing power IC products and providing total solutions for LED lighting applications. We offer a number of LED driver IC products, LED luminaires modules and light products to a wide range of customers. At MikPower Technologies, not only do we promote technology innovations, we excel in product performance enhancements and cost reduction, resulting in higher competitiveness and profitability for our customers.

MIK38xx Series
    Part Number Max. Voltage (V) Current Available Packages English Datasheet 中文
    Rating (mA) Operating Mode eSOP-8L DFN8
    MIK3835A 700 35 Fixed PDF PDF
    MIM3845A 700 45 Fixed PDF PDF
    MIK3855A 700 55 Fixed PDF PDF
    MIK3865A 700 65 Fixed PDF PDF
    MIK3875A 700 75 Fixed PDF PDF